Ethos is a website dedicated to exploring the arts & culture scene in Toronto. It is a platform initiated to spread and investigate many different avenues Toronto has to offer, such as exciting art exhibitions, public installations, performances, films, art fairs and events. Art can be a confusing, daunting subject to people who are not familiar. It sometimes has a connotation of being a topic for a small elite percentage of people. This is not what Art is about - it is a way of expressing the world around us and how we interact within it. Ethos hopes to bring a more accessible way of viewing and exploring everything to do art wise. Our objective is to encourage a more engaged dialogue between Torontonians and the city around them, by immersing our readers in interesting, captivating articles explaining what the city has to offer. 

My Story

Kayla Glasser

Kayla is an art enthusiast who has been working and studying within the art field for over seven years. Academically, she studied art history at Queen's University and has a Master's in Contemporary Art from Sotheby's Art Institute in London. Kayla has worked internationally with large and small commercial and not-for-profit galleries. She strongly believes that art is a critical tool within our society to help us question the world we live in and reassess society around us. It allows us to seek alternatives and explore a variety of narratives to societal norms. Seeing how this is an extremely important aspect she takes emphasis on, her main objective with this platform is to improve public engagement locally, and with hopes to expand.